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From the Principal's Desk


We step into the third academic year with its myriad challenges aiming to impart a holistic education to the students.

True education is training of both the head and heart. Education that builds fundamental traits of character such as honesty, compassion, courage and responsibility is absolutely essential now, when a tidal wave of change is sweeping across the country. Change need not be a trauma, it can be an adventure. A true broad based system of education prepares the students of Narayana Vidyalayam for life, without losing their individuality and competence.

We are of the conviction that all children have a right to be themselves and in our citadel of learning, weaknesses are treated as underdeveloped strengths and opportunities for growth. Our aim is not restricted to the students potentials, their attitudes and interests in various fields. Creativity developes when perspective widens and peripheral vision enhances. This institution will strive relentlessly in its pursuit of excellence.

This is just a beginning. Still there are miles to go. With the visionary zeal and commitment of the Management and co-operation of the parents, students of Narayana Vidyalayam will be empowered to continue with their epic journey towards success. This journey is endless and eternal as life itself.

Mrs. Bindu Nair