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Narayana Vidyalayam belongs to Nairsons Educaional Society (Head Office : 160, Susheel, Ramnagar, Nagpur - 440033. Phone : 0712 2535913, Fax : 2532599). Since there are very few CBSE schools in Chandrapur with adequate facilities for all-round development of the children, 'NAIRSONS' has opened a school with a difference, in moulding the child to a better citizen in this competitive world. There is nothing going to be less in its execellence in all fields. There are already four schools under the banner of "Narayan Vidyalam". This is the fifth one at Chandrapur.


  • To create a healthy background for every child.

  • To help the child as well as the parent to come out of stress.

  • Educational Tours & Picnics will be conducted.

  • To be aware of all Information Technology statics.

  • Discourses by eminent personalities for improvement.

  • To equip the child with complete latest trend in education.

  • To attain excellence in all fields without any difficulty.

  • Camps for parents to interact with the teachers.

  • To compete with other schools in competitions with confidence.

  • To make the child and the parent believe that our school is the best.